Mountain Lion

In a quick follow-up to last week’s post, I have installed Mountain Lion on my laptop (which isn’t my primary design system) and have quickly discovered that two of my wishlist items have been granted.

The new application Contacts has replaced Address Book, and with it, returned to us the three-column interface. It still features that bloody stupid stitched-leather effect, but at least now it’s usable. My goodness.

Contacts in Mountain Lion
New Contacts app in Mountain Lion. You can see the three-columns at work. Click for a larger view

iCal has been replaced by Calendars, which seems mostly the same but with the iCloud integration improved and with the added bonus of small calendar thumbnails for both the current and following month. This is actually very significant, especially as the month approaches its finale. MacWorld has a nice review of Calendars, which is worth a read.

Unfortunately, the grey aesthetic of Lion has persisted, and I will now undertake various steps in an effort to reclaim the interface to my liking. Hopefully, most of the existing ones for Lion will also work in Mountain Lion (I almost typed Snow Lion! Ha.) I’ve got some poking to do to really experience what’s new in Mountain Lion from a day-to-day usage point of view. On the surface, it feels pretty much exactly like Lion. Fair warning, some rants may make their way onto this blog.

Not to repeat my mistakes from the last upgrade, I’m going to wait a few weeks before upgrading my main machine to Mountain Lion. Hopefully, nothing will break in the meantime and force me to upgrade (which is what happened last time around).