Vote for Burns

This is a clever little guerilla marketing campaign going on here in New York. Obviously, Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire-turned-mayor is running again (for a third term), so why not run another billionaire against him. There’s even a whole platform including how Burns will use the subway to ship freight and cattle.

Gothamist featured the story, and includes a video. The “official” campaign site has more info, wrapped in a pretty awful design.

I’m interested to see where this goes, if the local news catches wind or if the gang gets sued by the creators of The Simpsons. I still haven’t exactly determined the purpose — it seems a long way around to promote The Simpsons as a TV Show, which already have a solid following in New York (and anywhere educated and comedy-loving people live)

Apparently it’s part of Art in Odd Places. »

Hell, I dunno. Thought it was clever. Maybe I’m just a big Simpsons fan.