Web Typography
image courtesy of NetTuts

Following Adobe’s addition of many of their classic fonts to TypeKit, Monotype has added a boatload of their famous fonts to Fonts.com Web Fonts, their own cloud-based web type service. (And yes, a bit of a clumsy brand name)

Similar to TypeKit, we can sign up for a tiered service, each with more lenient licensing and wider selection of available typefaces. The free tier allows us to browse over 2000 fonts, which ain’t too shabby. There’s a tutorial that demonstrates how it works.

This is somewhat timely, as just last month I featured a guest post about web typography written by James Mowery of laptopcomputers.org. Above that, all this talk of web typography follows my new site design in general. I once heard a quote that went something to the effect of “The web is pure typography.” and as I have grown and matured as a designer, my sensibilities about type have evolved dramatically. In my younger years, I might not have been able to handle all these choices available online; these days, I’m excited.

And while we’re on the subject, go read this article on NetTuts, entitled 6 Ways to Improve Your Web Typography

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