Original design for Mr. Muscle (left) with Reduced and Minimal alternatives (center, right).

This is very clever and I totally wish I thought of it. The folks at Antrepo have taken several well-known consumer brands and reduced their packaging to a simpler, more elegant design. There’s also the a “missing link”, as seen above.

Very cool, check it out.

This is a funny area of discussion because it ignites a huge debate about mass consumer products. One like myself would advocate that a well-crafted brand marque, paired with consistent colour usage, and intuitive naming will create one heck of a powerful brand. Other people, often armed with focus group research, will argue that design has to be more mainstream, more “in your face”, with the label serving as a canvas to tell the entire story of the brand and product. Ever heard of “flavour cues”? How about “Freshness triggers?” Yea, that’s what all that crud is.

I’d like to think I have the fortitude never to include fake water drops or a random slice of lemon on a package that I would design, but at the same time, I dunno if I have the salesman chops to support a design with nothing but a white logo printed on a clear jar. That’s some skills right there.

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