New Big Mac Packaging

Every few years, McDonald’s changes their slogan. Remember “Have you had your break today?” A few years ago, we were slightly shocked when “I’m lovin’ it” appeared on the scene — after all, it is a bit of a colloquialism.

But recently, McDonald’s began rolling out new packaging to reflect the constantly-modern nature of the big M. I am, of course, being facetious, as McDonald’s food hasn’t changed much in years, in spite of changing straplines.

Creative Review has numerous images and commentary, as does UnBeige and BusinessWeek, who originated the story, it seems.

I enjoy the new packaging. It’s bold and has a sense of tension, which I always like. It also features one of my favourite graphic devices, the vertical “banner”, which can be seen most clearly on the bags.

New McDonald's bag

However, I’m not a huge fan of the numerous food images on featured on the packaging. Do fast food products really need illustrations of themselves across all sides of the boxes? I remember the old Munchkins boxes which featured these fantastical murals of how the donut holes are made. However, the process of creating McDonald’s products is much more advanced science than we’d like to admit. I think there’s something to be said for simple packaging — especially for an after-purchase item like McDonald’s food. Heck, they did it right with the Quarter Pounder.

And in true Internet fashion, there’s already sniping about how it the new packaging looks like something else. In this case, Jordans Cereals, out of the UK. I have to say, yes, it does.

The new designs were created by Birmingham-based agency Boxer, the same folks who commissioned that Snapple project all those years ago.

So, what do we think? Sharp and refreshing, or just more lipstick on that same old pig?