Max Payne, the instant cult classic video game of recent years, is to become a movie. Go ahead and sigh, and then take a look at these posters.

Max Payne poster Max Payne poster

Max Payne, the game, introduced a very gritty and dark style of art direction to the small screen. Based on the not-for-kids comic book genre, themes like death, suicide, depression, rage, and morality are painted throughout the bloody and sometimes over-the-top gameplay.

The above posters illustrate this style brilliantly. The first, where the name is more visible, seems more like it could be a box cover in addition to a poster. The second takes a bit more freedom and serves as a less literal, more teasing, approach. (while I can confirm that no angels actually appear in Max Payne, I can’t confirm whether or not they appear in the second, which I never got around to playing (I am a Mac gamer, after all))

But here’s the rub: are these posters too creative? There doesn’t seem to any of the traditional markers of movie posters such as dates, times, actors, etc. Just the name. Obviously, it would entice the fanboys — those who have played and enjoyed the series — but what about mainstream audiences? Either way, get me a copy of these!

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