No, that’s not an even-crazier last name to my own, it’s the new hybrid product invading from the British Isles this Spring.

Guinness Flavoured Marmite

From The Times News Blog, London, comes the story of how two of the most acquired tastes in British-Irish cuisine. This St. Patrick’s Day comes a special run of Marmite produced from Guinness, specifically. Marmite is essentially the leftover yeast-crud from the beer-brewing process – so you figure since Guinness is not quite the same as beer, the yeast goo will be different as well.

So, if you’re in the mood for salty, bitter, almost meaty and other strange adjectives that shouldn’t describe your morning toast, head over to your local Waitrose and grab a pot!

(no idea yet on where to find these in New York. Check eBay)