Marks and Spencer cola

Marks & Spencer, the supermarket, has exclusively carried their own brand products for almost 50 years, but now they’re announcing that they will carry branded products like regular supermarkets. This is significant because Marks has implied, by carrying solely their own products, that their products are superior. From a branding point of view, the upper class is taking a walk through the slum.

Marks & Spencer’s food stores are notably up-market. The quality of their food, especially produce, is well-know to a premium. Therefore, the M&S label associates a similar high standard for freshness and quality. But adding the mass-produced crap from everyday food makers will muddy the waters. It also smells faintly desperation. Adding products [which deviate from the traditional brand message] is a sure way to get foot traffic and increase sales, but at what cost remains to be seen.

Yes, we probably won’t see isles upon isles of potato chips, but we will see “classic products like Marmite and Tabasco, where there is no point in developing our own versions.” That’s according to a spokeswoman. Check out the article from Design Week to learn more.

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