Its not everyday I come across a truly clever use of the internet. Plus, it related to Branding and Logos and all that, so I figure its worth a post on my little design blog. (That and I am seriously trying to post more).

In short, people are taking classic logos, and redesigning them in “Web 2.0” style. Check it out:

Yay Hooray

According to me (in my expert opinion), here is what constitutes “Web 2.0” style:

  1. Low Altitude Buttons (as opposed to drastic ones of the 90s and glassticy ones of the early 2000s)
  2. Subtle gradients, same colour, slightly different tone
  3. Sans-Serif fonts (for the kids)
  4. Abbrviated Wrds
  5. Bright friggin colours, especially magenta, blue, green and yellow. Very Fisher-Price
  6. Rounded Corners. Not a sharp edge in sight.
  7. [add your own]