Those who know me know I’m not a big fan of people being ‘brands’. I know, I can hear you saying “what about Britney Spears, Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs?” – IMHO that’s different. This is part of a larger conversation, but I’ll quickly say that in a case like Britney Spears, she’s more of a product.

You could argue the commoditisability of past-their-prime pop stars ’til the cows come home, but it won’t have anything to do with this story. Turns out the cows did come home, and they gave their milk in name of Ice Cream.

Americone Dream

As you can see, Ben & Jerry have adopted Stephen Colbert as the inspiration for their latest flavour, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. Colbert is now living life as a product. And a fast-moving consumer good, no less. Colbert seems to be a somewhat random choice as inspiration for a flavour considering the most famous flavour of B&J’s was named for Jerry Garcia. I think of the two, Garcia definitely embodies the ‘Vermont’ ethos better than Colbert, who is a bit of a city slicker.

Colbert, the latenight funnyman du jour, has made quite a splash trenscending TVs old model of I-Talk-You-Listen and has actually affected change in the world outside the idiot box. He convinced the “Colbert Nation” to edit the definition of Reality in Wikipedia, has an baby eagle in the northwest US named for him, not to mention the Canadian Junior League Hockey Team, The Saginaw Spirit, who embraced him as their Mascot. They called it Stephen Colbeagle the Eagle. Read all about it.