In the weeks since I wrote that little rant about Lion with a few tricks on how to survive, a few tips and tools have emerged for folks to wrestle back some control from OS X Lion. As predicted, it took a bit of time, but the third-party geeks are doing their thing, providing nice off-the-shelf software tools and add-ons to fix what we’d previously been trying to hack in terminal, etc.

Sidebar with coloured icons
My sidebar icons are now in colour, once again. Huzzah!

First, and perhaps most importantly for me, there’s now a way to get your coloured icons back in Finder’s sidebar! It’s done via a SIMBL plugin. Dead simple to use. Via OS X Daily, this post has all the details and downloads.

Lion Tweaks
Lion Tweaks. Pretty self-explanatory

Next up is a cool little switchboard-style app called Lion Tweaks. As the name indicates, this allows you to command many of Lion’s most annoying “features” with a simple click of the on and off buttons. Check it out on the Developer’s site.

Deeper has many options. Let’s you go a little … deeper.

From Titanium Software, the guys who make OnyX, comes Deeper. The latest version is for Lion and allows us to control many under-the-hood options throughout the OS and core applications like Safari and Mail. I didn’t end up switching many of these options, but it’s nice to know tools like this are out there. Happy hunting.