I took a day ‘off’ to attend a Photoshop Seminar at the Javitz here in New York. Now, clearly I’m quite handy in Photoshop (still training for my ACE, btw), but I knew that with Dave Cross running the show, I was bound to learn a thing or two. And I did.

Dave Cross Photoshop Semiar

The seminar started with a bang showing us “7 Functions We Never Use, But Should.” I have to admit, I never use Tool Presets, Styles, Apply Image, Calculations, or Knockouts. Do you? (I do, however, use Layer Comps and Actions).

Dave Cross Photoshop Semiar

The rest of the day kept up the goodies and it’s truly too much to re-hash right here. Honestly, you should attend The Tour if they come to your area. But the best part of the day was when I asked Dave a question that has been nagging me about my Gradient settings in CS3.

I was having trouble with Gradients turning out blotchy, even in RGB lo-res images. No explanation, just banding and overall spottiness. Dave’s advice: hold Command+Shift+Option and launch Photoshop — this will allow you to throw out the current preferences. Boom, it works. Whatever was hiding in the Photoshop’s attic is gone.

Thanks Dave for a great day!