Here’s something that I find odd, even by New York standards. First, a little backstory:

Empire State Building

In recent times, the Empire State Building has gone batty for their coloured lights. You know, those segmented series of lights at the tippy-top of the building, just below the radio tower. It started innocent enough — red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, orange and blue if the Mets make the playoffs — in fact there’s a bit of a NY subculture for keeping track of the changes and what they mean.

Empire State Building and Mariah Carey

But today, Empire will be lit up in honor of Long Island’s own Mariah Carey. The success of her most recent album, E=MC², means that the City skyline will be draped in pink and purple, if only just for a little while. The only question in my mind is “when did the great City of New York take such a personal interest in Mariah Carey?” I’d like to think those colours are reserved for big important events that affect the greater public, like Earth Day. But have we become so shallow? Would Empire fly the colours of Woody Allen or Spider-Man or another local NY celeb? Read more about the Mariah story on Gothamist.

Mario and a Cab driver

And this is the certainly the best photo I’ve seen in recent weeks. Shit like this is why I live in New York. Period.