While American universities have been out for summer about a month, the UK schools are showing off this time of year. The Creative Review blog has been soaked with student work lately, featuring the D&AD New Blood exhibition and the RCA Show.

Some of the most striking work is in the realm of illustration and image design. There aren’t too many examples of in-depth communication design — the sort of stuff that emerges after long hours side by side with clients — but some of the advertising and poster work is likewise clever. Here are a few that quickly caught my eye. Go check out the posts on the CR blog for more. And click through to the actual credits, might find some good stuff.

And while we’re on the subject of studying in Britain, it should be noted that London’s City University is offering a contest to win a scholarship for their Master’s in Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership course. The course is two years, part-time, (as opposed to the one-year, full-time course that I did in 2004–05). So if you fancy your chances to win the nearly £20,000 scholarship, check out the details and submit an entry. Fair warning, you might have me to compete with.