At the end of my previous post, I mentioned a new project and blog which will allow me to step away from as a blog. For the past five months or so I have been building and producing The Busy Creator, a website and podcast showcasing tools, techniques, and habits for creative productivity.

The Busy Creator

It’s early days for this project, but I’ve already published nine episodes of the podcast, with several more recorded for future posts. Before I explain details about the project and reflect a bit, here’s how you can subscribe:

I’m sure that at this point you’ve got a few questions about The Busy Creator and my plans for it. Here’s the skinny:


So far, The Busy Creator is a mostly a podcast, with a supporting blog. Shownotes are thorough, but additional blog content is slim. This, I acknowledge, needs to improve, but I’m not quite yet in the habit of posting regular, useful content to the blog. I do, however, post tweets and Facebook updates with pretty good frequency. Haven’t yet got too far into Pinterest or Instagram, but it’s down the road, I suppose.

In time, I want to evolve The Busy Creator beyond a podcast to becoming a multi-faceted business, offering resources, training, coaching, design services, and other goodies for the creative community.


A couple reasons. First, this blog has lost whatever momentum it had. Looking back, there were some good times, but lately I can’t seem to find the passion to continue to write for an audience of one. Time for a new project. The reason I chose creative productivity and that is simply because I see others struggling with the same problems I’m having! I get overwhelmed with choice in this new era of software and internet tools, and I also struggle to find the best ways of working. If I can’t locate a great resource discussing such topics, let’s build one. Scratching my own itch — as well as other peoples. There are a ton of people out there looking for guidance so they can kick butt in their own practice and career. That’s why The Busy Creator was created.


It’s definitely a from-home operation. Still in Manhattan but moving in a month or so.


The podcast releases twice weekly, as has done since mid-January. Although I did break the model by releasing an episode just today out of cycle. A little bonus and sort of experimental episode. Go listen and let me know your thoughts.


So far, it’s just me. This is a solo effort, as was this blog, but I hope that as the enterprise grows, I can have some people join me in the effort, either to help produce the podcast, to contribute blog posts, or to help develop future business offerings.


The workflow for creating a podcast wasn’t entirely new to me — remember Twentyhood? — but I’ve had to learn things anew all the same. I’m using Adobe Audition, managing my episodes and keeping organised using Google Drive and Podio, reading and learning from online entrepreneurs and marketing gurus, and general existing a very changed world. It’s also a tough balance because this is all done after hours from the day job, a lifestyle that has never come easily to me. Energy management more than time management.


As mentioned, The Busy Creator is a podcast and website. But as corny as it sounds, I want to make it a community. I want to be a resource for design pros of different kinds. I know that sites like Reddit, Quora, and Lifehacker are huge in comparison, but I’m working to connect to a small, focused group who will find the insights and experience valuable. The What, I’m sure, will change over time but as long as it’s still serving the same Why, we should be ok.

Join me over at, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (for now.)