If you had never been on the internet before this week, you’d probably think I’m famous.

Oliver Twist
Please, Sir, I want some more.

This week, I had the pleasure to once again join the panel on Freelance Radio to speak on this week’s podcast. As usual, we tackle the hard-hitting issues facing the design industry in general, and freelancers in specific. The topic at hand: The Hard Ask. How to get actually projects from leads and even from a cold start.

Since this is a topic which I do in fact need a bit of coaching, I’m a little more quiet than usual. Trust me, you’ll learn something.

Head over to FreelanceSwitch.com or listen below.

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And …

I was featured as a Designer in the Spotlight, as part of Jacob Cass’ ongoing series on Just Creative Design. Want to know a bit about my origin story? Head over there and read. Or, you know, just ask.