Rupee symbol

The Rupee, the currency of India, now has a real-life, big-boy symbol, in the manner of the Dollar, Pound, Euro, and Yen. Previously, Rupees was abbreviated Rs, and while the ligature has a certain uniqueness, it was decided that the Rupee should be more distinct and Indian.
Rupee no longer abbreviated Rs

After a contest of nearly 3000 entries, Uday Kumar, a graduate student from Bombay, won the task.

The New Rupee Symbol

I learned of the story on Design Observer, but a more in-depth article, with video, is available from The Times of India.

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So two obvious questions: what do you think? Especially you type designers. Second, where’s the Chinese Yuan?

Also worth noting that the Swiss Franc doesn’t have a symbol, but is, for some reason, abbreviated CHF. Dunno what’s with that.

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