Taking a leaf from the book of Very Short List, I’ll express to you the nature of this post using a Venn Diagram.

Politics, Nascar, Brandalism

This bit of strangeness turned up recently, and although the Presidential Election seems like a lifetime ago, it’s still worthy for talk from a graphics and branding point of view.

If Politics were Nascar
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The image portrays who donated to the campaigns of McCain and Obama represented in advertising space ‘purchased’ on the suits of their stated candidate. Basically, the way motor sports do it.

As you can see, there are trends in who donates to which campaign, with a few crossovers, such as financial companies. The trouble is that there are inconsistencies and omissions — for example, where would you count the hordes of regular folks who contributed a serious portion of Obama’s campaign dollars? And the key included on this diagram represent categories that don’t seem to appear on the candidates themselves. So what gives?

Still, an interesting mash-up of popular culture, politics, and advertising.

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