No, I’m not channeling Dvorak, but I have to exclaim publically that I have slain the spam dragon, at least for now. In fact, it wasn’t that difficult, all I had to do was change hosts.

For the past few years, I have been transitioning my domains and hosting plans to from Over the years, globat has worked fine, the price wasn’t bad, etc. but as time passed, their service got worse and worse and the amount of spam I was receiving was nearing 100 messages a day. Now considering they are supposed to have back-end spam filtering, you probably talking 1000 messages a day.

When I transfered (my personal blog) to godaddy a few months ago, and noticed an immediate drop-off in spam. This past weekend, I finally made the transition for and thus completely the migration. Spam on my primary email account went from 100 to zero. I literally haven’t received any spam since transfering! Beautiful.

The moral of the story is simple – if your host allows spam through to your inbox, ditch em and go to godaddy, or someone else you know has a better system. Shame on Globat for being a bunch of sheisters and props to GoDaddy for taking care of business. Now if they could only re-design their site.