Cmon, it’s fashion, it’s not that difficult.

Seems a Spanish prankster has duped a Swiss newspaper into publishing a fake ad for Gucci featuring his own half-naked self.

Fake Gucci Ad

Adfreak has the story in greater detail. Blick has a follow-up interview and slideshow. (click Die Bilder in the upper right)

I find this extra funny because of course I did a project relating to retail fashion/luxury branding when I was grad school, and one of the points that I realised is that fashion advertising is totally obtuse and completely meaningless. It’s all just smoke and mirrors with beautiful people. After all, how do you convey visually the scent of a perfume/colone? Truth is, people don’t buy fragrances for the scent. Considering you put it on in the privacy of your own bedroom, this is a phenomenon I will never understand.