UPS Redesign
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This afternoon, in a fit of frustration, I sat down and remade the website for UPS as I would like to see it remade. That is, how it should be remade to best serve the principal need of the customers.

Creating this little monster took about 5 minutes, but quickly spread around the web design community via Twitter with a little help from popular blogger Brian Hoff and the community site Smashing Magazine. So I thought it fitting I actually blog it so it becomes “permanent” and maybe directs people back here.

Someone keen already pointed out that I included a scroll bar. I admit, that’s just a vestigial feature left over from the screenshot process. Perhaps I’ll take care of that in a later revision, and actually tackle the logistics of having a site that is more minimal than Google, if you can believe such a thing. For example, I should probably have a link to switch languages, and some place to log in for general use. And the copyright info, etc.

But this is a philosophical redesign, so it doesn’t have to make complete sense.