This is a strange story out of New Zealand concerning a British drink and American-style, wool-over-the-eyes propaganda.


Ribena, a sugary drnk made from Blackcurrants, had been claiming it contained 4x the Vitamin C of Orange Juice. But two high school chem students performed some kind of experiment to see if that was true. Turns out, it was not.

Instead, the two found the syrup-based drink contained almost no trace of vitamin C, and one commercial orange juice brand contained almost four times more than Ribena.

Check out the full story for more details. Who knew Ribena was made by GlaxoSmithKlein? Man, those drug companies are full of surprises.

Maybe this is the reason that the UK has a ban on promoting food for the health benefits. Renaming Diet Coke “Coke Light” isn’t just English-to-English lost in translation, it’s because “diet” implies it will make you lose weight and otherwise be more healthy. Imagine the heads that would spin if you replayed one of those “Does a Body Good” milk campaigns from 80s.