Heinz's new Dip & Squeeze packets

This is cool. Heinz has announced the roll-out of their long-awaited new, innovative, dual-purpose ketchup packets — Dip & Squeeze. There’s isn’t much more I can add from the recap on Core 77:

While many of you might not consider this “high design,” this is a great example of a humble product design that millions upon millions of people are going to touch and use every day.

Some folks will grumble at the fact that we are still throwing away millions of plastic, packets of anything (and not using, I guess, miniature juice boxes full of ketchup?) but these are damn clever. Anything that helps us use product more efficiently is an improvement in conservation and the reduction of waste. Isn’t that a step in the right direction?

Heinz's new Dip & Squeeze packets

My only question: when are we going to see this as the standard, with BBQ sauce, mayo, and the like?

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