I wish! I have long railed against Google as being a black white whole of design on the web. Some people, like Lindsay Campbell, disagree and state that Google’s pre-school design aesthetic is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Google is awesome, but I think we’ll all agree there’s room for improvement whenever someone comes up with a clever idea or innovation.

Google dock
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Check out this cool use of web technology (not sure what kind) which allows Google’s menu to operate much like a Mac OSX’s dock.

Apple has been known to assimilate third party features and applications into their operating systems – the most famous case of recent years is the use of Widgets, which originated in a standalone software app called Konfabulator. Yahoo bought Konfabulator, but Apple worked them into the 10.4 (Tiger) release of OS X.

I would that Google should take a leaf from Apple and do the same with this menu. ‘Cause it rocks.