I think this is a record that twice in the same week I’m highlighting examples of good advertising, the kind that doesn’t make me sick and throw things.

A few days ago, I learned from Very Short List about the tradition of Hovis bread ads in Britain. In honour of the 122nd anniversary of the company, Hovis has produced a 122-second spot touring the events of Britain through the centuries. Warms the heart:

Apparently, this spot is also a re-make of a 1973 Ridley Scott-directed ad done in the same style. While reprising existing creative can be a major cop-out, this time it works.

Filmed in Liverpool over the course of six days, with a cast of 762 extras, the ad packs more of a punch than most two-hour movies can muster.

I agree. This is the sort of ad I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Anything to replace Gates and Seinfeld.