By now, the geek community is in love in Twitter. For about a year, folks have been keeping in touch using the tool to answer the preemptive questions “What are you doing right now?”.

I was resistant to Twitter for a long time, mainly because my life isn’t that interesting, but after having a strange dream, I decided to sign up. And so you can check out my Twitter site and choose follow me, to keep track of my goings on.

According to the testimony of many a geek, Twitter is a great way to create social situations out of nothing. For example, if I were heading out to Alligator Lounge to grab some pizza, I’d twitter it, and then some of my random neighbourhood friends would turn up to say hello. If this took place at some kind convention, like South by Southwest, that little get together might very likely turn into a full-on party. But it doesn’t work unless I have a number of followers, and if I am likewise following a fair few folks. So how does one begin the process of getting twitter saturated? How can I convince my friends to sign up for what is, after all, a ridiculous concept.