From Norwegian designer Ludvig Bruneau Rossow comes a proposed redesign for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency. He has created some Dharma Initiative-style packaging and design materials to fulfill the narrative.

The year is 2030.

The post-apocalyptic darkness have fell, and the earth as we know it, has come to an end. This is the dystopic story of man’s existence after earth’s destruction.

The disaster and the subsequent ice age destroyed all organic life, and all forms of human civilization. There was nowhere to hide, the earth would soon be covered by a kilometer-thick layer of ice.

All hope for the existence of humanity, would always be lost, hadn’t it not been for…



So obviously this is a cool project. We all love to see some consistency and planning from government agencies — even if under fictitious circumstances. But the problem we’ve got to face is that FEMA and other agencies use massive third-party resources. They don’t have any branded supplies, and barely even have an office. It’s essentially a bunch of people making phone calls — not some disaster-relief corps like you might see in a sci-fi movie. Expand FEMA? Maybe if the government came into some massive amount of money, or if we operated under the quasi-socialist model of other nations. Norway, for instance.