Sadly enough, Fear has become a propaganda tactic of politicians and the news media. The fact that use the phrase “find out why you may be next” is evidence of this. But The Red Cross has crossed the thin red line from clever to creepy with their latest billboard encouraging scaring people into giving blood.


Advertising has long suggested ‘alternate history’ themes, but predicting an ominous and apparently tragic event is just tactless. I think the only thing worse would be if they wrote “Surf’s Up New Orleans”. Read the full blog post Here.

Now I acknowledge that selling ‘preparedness’ is difficult because it’s not the sort of emotion or sensation that can be captured by day-to-day events. Most people never think about it, it’s not something you can tack down or illustrate. Still, I don’t think fear of future calamities is the way to go. Chances are, the folks who are influences by fear-mongering are the folks more likely to go out and buy assault weapons rather than give blood.