Remember back in May when I started the Design for Fun initiative? Well, it’s back. This time around we’re tackling a smaller project: a logo for The Culture of Ownership.

Culture of Ownership logo
The current Culture of Ownership header/logo.


The Culture of Ownership is a blog about intellectual property, and how big business and government are slowly, and not so subtly, hacking away at personal rights. Great resource, but it doesn’t really have a logo.


Create a new logo for C of O. Use type and/or symbols to make something simple and memorable. This should add to the blog, not distract from it. The logo should reflect the content’s serious and stern nature, but doesn’t need to be sterile and boring.


The logo should be clear, and easy to read. Since it will primarily be used on the web, raster graphics and gradients are ok. However a sharp vector logo is always preferable.

Use the grey background as above, or use the white. It should match the website.

Spend as much or as little time as you like.


Create a JPG of the logo that fits into a 300×55 box. Leave some white space all-around. Upload the files and add them to the comments, and I’ll grab ‘em and add them to the thread as they come in.

Culture of Ownership logo