Welcome to a new initiative I’m tentatively calling “Design for Fun.” The premise is simple: We as designers certainly enjoy what we do, but as we become more and more involved in a our work, we find it harder and harder to muster motivation for side projects, personal projects, and other design “for fun.” Hopefully, a little friendly competition (with no prizes, obviously), will help us all keep up our skills and maybe even add some projects to our portfolio.

The first project up for grabs is an identity re-design for my buddy Cali Lewis and her show GeekBrief. Here’s the brief and how we’ll proceed:

The current logo for GeekBrief.tv
The current GeekBrief.tv logo


GeekBrief is a daily technology news video podcast. Produced by Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell, the show prides itself of delivering “shiny, happy tech news” in a light-hearted, but expert manner. While most technology enthusiasts are males 15-35, GeekBrief enjoys a much wider audience, including women!

The GeekBrief logo lives in a shape that is a hybrid between an elipse and a rectangle. It resembles a monitor, complete with glass reflection. The type is some typewriter face with a bevel effect that is straight from 1996 and Photoshop 3.0. The “.tv” is tagged onto the wordmark implying that this is a modifier and not part of the show name, GeekBrief.

All of this is in play for a re-design.

The Brief

Create a new logo for GeekBrief. The new identity should clearly display the show name, as well as “.tv” to complete the URL. While GeekBrief is normally a video podcast, at least one parellel extension is needed for GeekBrief Radio, the audio-only version of the show.

Logo for GeekBrief Radio
GeekBrief Radio

Bonus Points: demonstrate an overall style of art direction such as patterns, graphic objects, mascots, and other assets. These are the sort of stuff that can fill monitors behind Cali during the show.

More Bonus Points: find a way to include the other GeekBrief properties into the overall identity system. This requires a more modular approach to the design thinking, but it will be interesting to see if what’s possible. These other properties include iYule.tv, The Big Trip, and DearCali.com.

Guidelines and Constraints

The logo should be clear, and easy to read, especially when projected on a monitor behind Cali. It should also be scalable to small sizes. An abbreviated version of the logo “GB.tv” would be helpful, as would a version that can exist solely as a wordmark.

GeekBrief logos in action
GeekBrief logo in action

Spend as much or as little time as you like.

Delivery Method

Create a JPG of the logo that fits into a 300×200 box. Leave some white space all-around. Upload the files and add them to the comments, and I’ll grab ’em and add them to the thread as they come in.

Logo Design template
use this template for your logo

This is a bit of an experiment, so let’s see where it goes…

Any questions, just leave ’em in the comments.