Corporate Lorem Widget
dummy text will never be the same

I’ve been saying for years how much I hate corporate double-speak and the phony language of ‘the business world’. Clearly, I’m not the only one — there is a website called, which strives for clearer communication, and there was a Bill in Congress recently that aimed to mandate law-writing in plain English (making government that much more accessible and transparent). I don’t think I’ve ever posted a link to my Black List, but I’ve made one, and it’s chock full of those buzzwords like “synergy” and “cutting-edge” that grind in my brain like nails on a blackboard.

Luckily, Brian Haslanger has taken the iniative and created a Corporate Lorem Ispum Generator Widget! Mac OS X users will now be able to grab filler copy that is written not in faux-Latin, but in the glorious New Speak that is corporate English.

Seriously though, I can picture this being quite useful. Instead of confusing clients with that whole Lorem ispm dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit … (yes, I wrote that from memory), you’ll be able to use English words that may actually be strikingly close to the real thing — especially if you work in marketing or PR. Unfortunately, I can foresee many instances where this dummy text somehow survives the revision process and makes its way to the live website or final printed piece. I for one am less likely to catch this text as suspect since it is, underneath it all, English. Spell checkers and Microsoft Word might not have any quams about this stuff, no matter how dodgy it sounds when you actually read it.

Use this with caution, but defilly use it!

(via 43folders)