If you’re like me, your list of podcasts keeps rising and rising, with little sign of stopping. Yes, I’m addicted. So addicted that I now listen to most of my podcasts at an accelerated rate, so I can fit more in to the same amount of time. (a tactic I’ve already implemented with television and movies).

I hear often how people “don’t have time” for podcasts. Now that it’s Summer and television has sunk into it’s lull of repeats and soon-to-be-cancelled new series, you have no excuses.

And in the everquest for viable design podcasts, I was glad to discover the Core77 Broadcasts series. Not sure when exactly this started, but the series is a well-produced and mature slice of the design that always helps getting the brain moving. I always find it insightful to hear what the big wigs are saying and doing and fussing over.

I’ve added this to my links page, and of course you can head over to the Core77 site.