OK, so has anyone else noticed that the Geico Gecko has recently picked up a proper cockney accent! Not only that, but he’s got a bit of an attitude, and has sort of lost his mind, in a way.

Now, personally I think these commercials are great – so refreshing from the usual crap that soaks down the American airwaves. But we have to note that the gecko has lost his posh, pompous, amphibion-among-men, dignified nature and has returned to his roots, and his people. Next time you see these ads where the gecko is rapping to other (non-responsive) geckoes think of those crazy religious nuts you see preaching on random street corners. Half talking to themselves, half preaching to everyone.

But the funniest bit is that the gecko has become completely British! Not only does he have an authentic cockney accent (and yes, I can tell because I have heard a lot of Americans try and fail terribly such as Dick Van Dyke and Don Cheadle), but now the gecko has a craving for Pie & Chips. Wow, doesn’t get more British than that. (except maybe beans-on-toast). In fact, the guy that does the voiceover sounds a bit like the guy who did the voiceover for those Tesco commercials. Every little helps!