I want to Become a ... I want to Become a ...

I don’t usually comment on banner advertisments on web pages — I think because I am still convinced that if I ignore them, they will go away — but I saw two today on my hotmail page that caught my eye.

Some fly-by-night degree pusher called degrees.info has compiled a cute little menagerie of icons dressed up in the garb of different professions. I smiled when I saw that the graphic designer icon had spikey hair and one of those baseball shirts with the white chest and black sleeves. There are two versions of this banner, one where the designer is placed beside some sort of a colour wheel, reminding us all that RGB and CMYK is the governing spirits of our creative existence. Or something. I thought it might have been equally cheeky to put the designer in a black turtle neck (polo neck for our UK readers) with some dark-framed glasses. I guess some designers never outgrow the spikey hair.

I love icons in general and any ‘system’ that can be used to represent more complicated information. Although these are clearly dervied from the Windows XP style of icons (which seem to be derived from those Fisher-Price toys of the late 70s and 80s), I thought they were clever.

And I was unaware that one needed a degree to become a Bounty Hunter. That means somewhere, someone has a doctorate in Bounty Hunting. I can imagine his thesis — “A comparison of the effects of buckshot on the ability to use quadrocept muscles for short-distance sprinting and fence-climbing in urban vs. rural environments”