There seems to be a pattern developing, or at least a phenomenon: I decamp from Britain, and suddenly the Yanks develop a massive appetite for all things Anglo (except Cricket). The British, it seems, are hip again. Target are launching a series of fashion lines from international designers, starting with Luella Bartley, cockney girl and fashionista. So will the ‘Go International’ series have the same dramatic effect as the Stella McCartney H&M release in New York and London? Time will tell.

In the spirit of the Orbit Gum Girl, the Geico Gecko, and The Roaming Gnome, British icons are a powerful selling force for American brands. Perhaps this is cashing in on the recent craze for British icons like Austin Powers, Harry Potter and even Simon Cowell. You can’t blame companies for branding with an accent, London has The Olympics and Batman is Welsh these days.

Unfortunately I don’t have any screen grabs for the Luella TV Spot, but there are loads of British imagery including stylised screen print effects, the Union Jack, and the red phone boxes. In fact, it all bears an strange similarity to my Marks & Spencer New York City project.