Nanny State Beer

Although I don’t drink, I love observing the beer arena through a branding and design lens. The latest, um, Brew-ha-ha is coming out of Britain, where folks take beer seriously. Here’s the skinny: A small brewing company called Brew Dog debuted very strong brew called Tokyo, which clocks in at a whopping 18.2% APV. A minor scandal ensued and BrewDog came under fire for being irresponsible, etc. etc. As a rather cheeky rebuff, they debuted a new product, Nanny State beer, with a barely-alcoholic concentration of 1.1% APV. Nice.

Tokyo Beer

The BBC has a more in-depth look at the scandal, which I find rather humourous, but they don’t. It touches an apparent sore spot to do with binge drinking in Scotland, which, I suppose, isn’t brilliant.

I think the best part of it all is that BrewDog, the independent small-time brewer, actually has pretty cool designs for their packaging! The logos above are for the two brands, and here is a look at some of their additional packaging. A visit to their site will immerse you in their overall style of art direction and that. So good on you, BrewDog, for holding down a sharp sense of design, and the balls to stand up to the press, and society.

BrewDog beer designs

The other best part of this whole debacle is that BrewDog is about to blow up big-time! Like so many movies complained about by conservative Christian groups, the scandal is amplified in the echo chamber of the mainstream media. The thing you were trying to ban is now front and center. Considering both beers in question are a part of a limited run, you can bet they’ll sell out in no time.