I read somewhere a while back that “a blog is the new resume”. At first I dismissed it as one of those daft expressions about something being the new something else (e.g., orange is the new pink), but after a while I realised that it’s totally true.

For me, this blog represents my observations, as well as my creations. Observation is an irreplaceable skill for the functional designer, and the ability to synthisise those observations goes a step further toward awesomeness. I’d like to think that this is exactly the point of this here blog.

One thing I’ve always hated about Résumés in general, is that they are by their very nature and echo of the past. While it usually states your current role, the larger intent is to show where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and other past occurrences like awards. They don’t, however, show your opinions, your thoughts, your observations or philosophies the way a blog can. Additionally, since blogs are continually updated (in theory, anyway), they can provide a more intimate and up-to-date view inside the mind of the writer. Blogs contain the human elements that résumés lack.

Another advantage to blogs is that you can constantly control the message and the spin. When folks Google my name, this blog is the first thing that pops up. That’s the way I want it; I want to control the content and the tone, ensuring my online persona is properly cultivated.

More and more folks are bloggin’, in spite of what skeptics might think, including more designers. But it’s still the exception that a designer and potential employee would also be a designer. So if you’re reading this, I encourage you to start a blog. Let it flow and flourish, grow and evolve. And at the first line of your résumé, you put the URL of your blog.