McDonald's Packaging

In a move that makes a whole lot of sense, a grad student named Andrew Millar has created packaging that doubles as a tray. Not only that, it’s biodegradable/renewable, and is naturally resistant to grease!

Inhabitat tells the story in greater detail.

In preparation for this school assignment, Millar frequented McD’s restaurants taking note of customer interaction with the packaging. Noticing that people would often rip their bags into a tray, he designed his bag to open out into a comfortable eating station. Folds in the bag keep inside items separated without the need for interior packaging. The outer part of bag is made from recycled pulp paper, and grease-proof grass paper lines the inside. Both are highly biodegradable and most definitely more sustainable than clear-cutting.

McDonald’s isn’t the greatest company when it comes to recycled products. In fact, they still use old school styrofoam clamshells in some countries where laws are less stringent. It’s all about saving money for those big corporate jerks.

Will we ever see McDonald’s, or another fast food vendor, adopt smart and environmentally conscious packaging? Only if we complain loud enough. Don’t hold your breath for an overnight switch, though.