Lots of celebrities try to “brand” themselves, in an effort to create an empire of consumable junk. Most do a sucky job. But I have to give props to Betty White and Hoodie Buddie for their cheeky take on Betty White, the living brand, and self-professed Most Influential Designer.

Here’s the video:

[SWF]http://perezfox.com/archer/archer_player.swf, 550, 330, movie=http://perezfox.com/video/20100921_betty.flv&play_bk=4BD24B&play_bk_over=ffffff&play_txt=ffffff&play_txt_over=000000&play_x=center&play_y=center&control_back_color=000000&control_back_alpha=.6&loaded_bar_color=ffffff&text_color=eeeeee&text_color_over=4BD24B&time_format=all&[/SWF]

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Betty White is clearly cornering the market on celebrities with a sense of humour. Even above more popular comedians, she knows herself and her role. She has her core values and sticks to them. Obviously her age is part of that living brand, but in this case it works, generating irony as fuel for the jokes. My hat is off.

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