baby's first brands

My blog-pal Tina is the mother of a one-year-old. Alas, I am not. So my commentary on this new child puzzle with shapes of some of the most famous brand icons is a little less endearing. (her post)

Now, as much as I love a brand achieving cult status, I dunno how much I like the idea of children being so promptly brainwashed into the idea that certain brands are, without question, better than others. One might call it indoctrination, the same way children are taught religion, or to be a supported of one sports team, and not the other. Fanaticism, it seems, is a free-market commodity.

There is another argument here, similar to the same argument against placing coke machines in schools. Of course, it’s a bit more superficial as there is no money at stake hear, nor any negative health results. But do we want our children recognising, and craving, specific products before they are ready to be consumers themselves? When is the right age? McDonald’s will tell you that age should be somewhere around 18 months, or whenever kids begin to speak.

I’m not freaking out over this puzzle, or at its maker, Atypyk, mainly because I’m a brand geek. But were I a father, I’m not sure I’d want them playing with this, and subsequently begging me to buy them a copy of Playboy.