Here’s something I thought of that I would love to have, but have never seen. Allow me to describe:

I want to a way to send files to myself from my various computers. Work to home, laptop to desktop, desktop to parents. Obviously, I could use a cloud-storage system like Dropbox (which I love), except that I want this file transfer to be a one-way shove, rather than a sync across all devices. For example, if I download a video at work, but I know I can’t watch it till I get home, I want to drop it in a wormhole, and when I get home, the video will automatically download itself to my desktop. It’s no longer available online anywhere, it has simply moved through space-time.

Is such a thing possible? Does an app like this exist? It seems only a few steps off from the current Dropbox — or for that matter, old-school FTP — capabilities. The tricky part is that my home computer sleeps during the day while I’m at work, so there’s have to be a server involved somewhere to temporarily store the files. Same would apply if, for example, I had a backup computer tucked in a closet or at my parents house that only gets turned on every few months.

Can anyone recommend an app for this? Does anyone want to build it with me?