Air Hostesses, back when they were hot

Showing once again that gigantic national airlines are bad ideas, American Airlines has announced that will charge travelers $15 for their first bag checked into luggage. That’s right, the first bag. Although airlines have been charging for second and third bags, or in the case of international, extra-heavy bags, this new policy is a dramatic and terrible signal.

This motion portrays American as a giant snake oil salesman. They dangle a low ticket price and hit you with charge after charge after charge. The result is that we feel constantly on the defensive, and afraid to open our minds to the ‘experience’, regardless of what features they add. The brand has devolved from the friendly hostess to the mob lone-shark who shakes you down every pay day.

When will we stop flying? Along with the rising cost of fuel (and therefore, tickets) we’re losing the simply luxuries of air travel. Peanuts are a thing of the past and drinks are almost done as well. Short-haul flights don’t play movies and somehow there don’t seem to be any magazines around except for the Skymall catalog and the airline-branded mag. Don’t even get me started on the security fiasco. Now we have to pay for checked baggage. (I’m sure that exactly zero percent of those fees will go for improving the baggage check or claim procedure, which can completely ruin a flight, as we’ve all experienced.) Next we’ll have to pay for carry-on bags. Do they really expect us to fly across the country with only the shirt on our backs? Clothing isn’t that cheap.

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