My prayers have been answered! I have finally found a way to block ads in Safari! The program is called SafariBlock from FSB Software. Go download and install it right now! »

The website is awful, but use the left-hand navigation and then click the “downloads” tab.

For a while I’ve heard rumours about add-ons that completely block webpage advertising. Some claim to fill the banner areas with white or transparent pixels, but SafariBlock actually removes the whole ad, often reformatting the page in the process. But trust me, it’s better this way. Here’s a screenshot of how SafariBlock simply lives in your Safari preferences. It couldn’t be simpler. And it’s free. Not sure if it works in Windows.


Do you realise what just happened? I just gave a giant middle finger (or two fingers if your reading from the UK, Australia, etc.) to the multi-billion-dollar industry of online advertising. I just told the design community at large that your medium is irrelevant and told media buyers that they’ve wasted their money. Yes, I’m only one user, but it feels great to wield such power.

Safari is my browser of choice. Firefox users, spare me your snickers. I prefer Safari mainly because of its lightweight nature and awesome interface. The bookmarks sync with .mac making it highly functional right out of the box, but it doesn’t have half the plugins available for Firefox. To Firefox’s credit, the open format has proved to be massively beneficial for the users — there is a virtual supermarket of add-ons available to kick Firefox up many notches. Safari has a faithful following, however, and you can keep track of add-on applications on the appropriately-titled Pimp My Safari.