We see a lot of things in New York. Its a visual city. Some say the city is one giant ad, but in fact its more of a hastily-assembled collage of advertisements.

But recently, a line has been crossed in the guerrilla insurgency that is street advertising. Ads on Feet is a new company that basically strapps an LCD TV to the chest of some poor schmo, in an effort to bring advertising right where it needs to be – in your eyeballs.

Ads on Feet

But I for one think this is over the top. While I still snicker at “brand ambassadors”, those minimum wage coupon-slingers dressed head-to-toe in the colours and marques of their company, these walking ads reminds me more of cyborgs than promotion workers. Very Gizmoduck. I suppose the question now is the inveitable “what’s next?”. You figure, we’ve already got walking billboards, rolling billboards, walking ads, giant animated banners, and of course all those t-shirts and things.

So, be on the lookout for the next big thing in advertising: Commercial re-enactments disguised as street performance-art. Very New York City.