The story broke last week about a girl called Leah Culver who sold ad space on the back of her computer, in order to fund her said Mac Book Pro.

Those ads are in fact etched into the Aluminum surface, as Ms. Culver herself works at a place that does the etching. So while the scam may have netted her $3000 (enough to bankroll her new ‘Book), its really just a free ad for her company, Squid Labs.

So while she may have been nesting this plan for a while, it came to me as quite a shock considering only about a month ago I remarked to Charlie how I should sell adspace on the back of my Powerbook, for when I’m out and about in coffee shops, etc. Of course, I squashed my own idea after about 30 seconds for realising how seldom I use my computer in public.

Clever people everywhere. I need to start being one of them.