In the spirit of chain letters, and those chain emails that were all the rage on AOL back in 1996, I’ve been poked by Susan at BrandCurve to write a post, and splurt 8 random factoids about me.

    1. I have frequent dreams that I am Harry Potter.
    2. I hate buying new clothes. (mostly because I hate spending money)
    3. I will only drink Tropicana OJ, and I will only drink it out of an opaque white container. (white cartons or jugs, not clear plastic/glass bottles). It tastes different, more acidic!
    4. I’m an avid swing dancer. Somehow, I got pretty good without ever having a steady partner.
    5. I used British slang in everyday speech before I lived Britain.
    6. I wore a white tux to my prom.
    7. Wood is only acceptable material for hangars in my closet. Metal is ok for the actual hook part, and for any clips/mechanisms.
    8. My favourite Beatle is George Harrison.

And now I’m supposed to finger 8 random bloggers to fill out this same little survey. I’ll get to this later…