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Olympic news you may have missed: the 2018 Winter Games will be held in the South Korea, in the border town of PyeongChang. (Not to be confused with Pyongyang*, the capital of shady-ass North Korea). Seoul, the South Korean capital, hosted the summer games back in 1988, but since then Korean athletes have very much blossomed on the world stage, in a great number of events.

The PyeongChang 2018 website features some lofty language as to why Korea should host.

… PyeongChang presents … a new, youthful and contemporary nation marked by technological proficiency, human progress and natural splendour. A new attitude, characterized by the unique spirit of the Korean people who value friendship, fun and hospitality. And a new, compact and efficient Games plan, featuring the most accessible, world-class venues ever for an Olympic Winter Games.

Ok, they’ve got some time to polish that up, make it more concise, and add Oxford Commas, but you get the point.

Graphics for the 2018 Games

However, I’m more interested in the graphics and branding. As you can see above, they’ve got a logo for the bid campaign, which may or may not be certified as the real thing. There’s also a simple visual style already emerging. We will watch this space with interest.

Graphics for the 2018 Games

Graphics for the 2018 Games

No word yet as to whether or not Starcraft will be an Olympic event.

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* I’m not sure of how Korean cities get capitalised (in English) but I’m going off the official 2018 site for PyeongChang, and off Naenara, the official state news agency of North Korea, for Pyongyang