Johnnie Walker Gold

Designed by QSLD Paris, France.

Johnnie Walker has decided to create a new way to savour its Gold Label Whisky : Serve Chilled.

The french design agency QSLD Paris has been selected to create the outer pack dedicated to this new tasting.

Freeze yo…

Golden Rule Poster

My studiomate Erica opened a poster tube earlier today and out of it came this stunning (!) Golden Rule Poster. I could barely breathe for a few minutes.
This poster is a father and son collaboration. All elements are hand drawn by Koen (age 6) with …

Si Espresso

Shared by Scott Perez-Fox

Nice use of limited colours.

“Developing a design language for the packaging used by this chain of coffee shops. The concept was based upon the merging of Italian culinary culture with the local Israeli culture. As the bas…