I do hate myself a little for compiling an end-of-year top ten list, but in the spirit of professional altruism, I’m sharing with you, dear readers, ten brilliant blogs I’ve discovered, and have since become addicted to, in 2009. In no particular order:

1. It’s Nice That Touches my soft spot for Britain and provides daily doses of cool, especially in the realm of painting and visual arts

2. Print & Pattern While pagination and formatting are not the best, P&P has an immense archive of goodies. Lots of vintage and vintage-inspired.

3. Design Work Life Fantastic curation of mostly print work. Gorgeous stuff, mostly daily. I don’t know where author Courtney finds it, but the work here is almost always unique to this blog.

4. Information is Beautiful Dedicated to information design and infographics. An underrated practice, indeed.

5. Missed Connections Illustrator Sophie Blackall brings to life the often-beautiful-often-bizarre storyettes of the Missed Connection section of Craig’s List NY.

6. The Artist and His Model Having only subscribed a few days ago, I’m not sure how to categorise it. Products, print, posters, photography. Cool stuff.

7. Flickrdesign A digest of the best designs found on Mostly posters, and great ones at that. Not too many examples of live-in-the-marketplace design, but still excellent.

8. The Intrepid Owl Sightings and thoughts from London-to-New York illustrator/designer Lisa Edwards. A slant towards illustrative design, but a bit of everything. And words.

9. Clients from Hell The recently-debuted site is already jam-packed with actual, real-life quotes from finicky, argumentative, uninformed, and unprofessional clients. Stranger than fiction, and therefore brilliant.

10. Magic Molly A bit of a cop-out since Molly is a writer, not a designer, but her thoughts and quips and observations constantly smack me awake with concise brilliance and poignancy.

11. (bonus) Lesile Miles Collections of theme-based photography. Lots to look at and gawk at and drool at. I don’t know where it all comes from.

This list alone should be enough to top off your daily dose of jealously, but if you need more, check out the resources page. And please, post your favourite design blogs in the comments — let’s try and spread the word about some overlooked blogs hiding gems.